Elbros Set a New Malta Record

On the 8th of July 2018, Elbros attempted to set a new record for the largest cast in Malta, in the shortest time supplied by one supplier and in one construction site.

The chosen site for this record to be set was at The Quad Ltd were the construction of a mixed use complex is being carried out at Mrieħel. The project consists of a reinforced concrete structure for 5 carpark floors and four towers ranging in height from 14 to 20 floors above existing road level. Each tower is resting on a 2m thick reinforced concrete raft foundation. Prior to the challenge, 3 of such rafts had been cast for the smaller towers. The intention was to cast the largest foundation which was of a volume of 2694 cubic metres. The casting process started on the morning of the 7th of July at 7:30am and the casting process was ready on the 8th  of July at 9:30am with a continuous pour duration of 26 hours.

The concrete for the cast was produced and supplied by Elbros Concrete Ltd using 2 batching plants located at Kirkop, which are able to supply a maximum of 125 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Ready Mix trucks collected concrete from the batching plants and transported it to the Site at Mrieħel.

Concrete was then poured into the reinforced foundation through the use of a combination of mobile pumps, skips hoisted by cranes and truck chutes.

Health and Safety regulations were safeguarded through the provision of adequate lighting on Site, the use of PPE by all workers and also through the adoption of 3 working shifts to limit the hours worked by the workers to a reasonable and safe number.

12 to 14 trucks were utilized in each shift and in all circa 95 workers including site supervisors, site managers and supporting staff were engaged in this operation.

Elbros Group is certified and adopts an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System which together with contractual obligations had to ensure that all necessary quality checks were carried out prior, during and following the casting process. These included temperature monitoring of the cast concrete, sampling of concrete for strength tests of hardened concrete and for measuring the workability of fresh concrete. The procedures also included ensuring that the poured concrete level was kept approximately the same throughout the site until the specified casting height was reached. The concrete also had to be vibrated during the casting process to ensure no accumulation of voids within the concrete took place.

Once the casting height was reached the concrete was levelled using laser-guided specialised equipment and powerfloated to achieve the specified finish level and texture. This finishing process took place during the last stages of the casting hours and continued up to 12 hours following the termination of the casting process.


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